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A Wargar Warrior.

Wargar Warriors are more dangerous, better equipped and smarter than other Wargar. They're also braver, do not panic easily and can maintain their composure, even when on fire. Arcane Burst and Freezing spells can help shatter their shields, which makes them more vulnerable.


Warriors are basic infantry similar to Wargar Soldiers in most aspects. Except that they also carry a shield, which makes them more difficult to kill. Though their shields are weak compared to Wargar Guardian.

Battle Tactics[]

  • They are weak physically, but their shields make them more difficult to hit.
  • E'lara's Arcane Burst can help rid them of their shields. Freezing the shield with Artic Arrow causes the shield to break more quickly when damaged.
  • When in melee the best method is to counter attack them, which leaves them open and vulnerable to being struck.
  • When at ranged, E'lara or Caddoc can damage them with carefully aimed headshots.