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A Wargar Soldier.


Malicious, though usually cowardly creatures whose tribes spread across the lands. Wargar Soldiers aren't particularly dangerous fighters, but they should also not be taken lightly, especially in numbers. They normally fear the surface but come out occasionally to satisfy their taste for human flesh.


Soldiers make up the bulk of the Wargar forces. Though they are only lightly armed with a sword, they can inflict a decent amount of damage. They are only a serious threat when being backed up by other forces, such as archers, or in mass numbers. Due to their lack of armor they have a vulnerability to fire. They are normally used as a distraction to lure Caddoc and E'lara away from more potent threats such as Infected Wargar or Wargar Fire Scorchers.

Battle Tactics[]

  • A few swings from Caddoc's melee attacks is usually enough to take out a Wargar soldier. A well placed headshot from E'lara, will do the trick nicely as well. They are only armed with a sword and no armor, making them easily dispatched when they are alone.
  • Due to their lack of armor they have a weakness to fire. This makes Brimstone an excellent tool for dispatching large groups of them quickly. A lit torch or arrows will cause extra damage as well.
  • Dragon's Breath is a not recommended, due to the fact they carry no metallic objects, which reduces the effectiveness of electricity based attacks.