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Elite Wargar are far tougher than their unarmored kin. Arrows won't stop them, and even the mighty sword is barely effective as long as they still have their shields in place.

Creature Wargar guardian.png
A Wargar Guardian.


Guardians are the most heavily armored of the Wargar. They are clad in the thickest plate and carry large durable shields. Due to this, they are highly resistant to physical damage. And, can take a lot of punishment before they go down. They normally travel in pairs, so when you see one, keep an eye out for his friend.

Battle Tactics

  • They are highly resistant to physical damage, and they carry powerful shields. So plain melee and ranged attacks aren't recommended.
  • Due to the fact they wear heavy metal armor they are vulnerable to electricity. Making Dragon's Breath and Caddoc's Dash skill useful against them.
  • E'lara's Arcane Burst is effective at bypassing armor and destroying shields. Making it an excellent choice for taking down Guardians.
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