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Wargar Guardian

Wargar Guardian is a type of creature in Hunted: The Demon's Forge.

Once humans, twisted by lost and ancient magic, these creatures lurk in the caverns beneath Dyfed, where they worship their god, the Queen of Darkness. Though normally cowards who fear the surface, they have recently been spotted above ground, spreading further and further from their lair. Rumors have spread of their vicious acts, and growing taste for human flesh. But what has been bringing them out of their caves is a mystery.


There is 3 different tribes of Wargar, encountered throughout the game.

Queen's Tribe[]

Thought to be the oldest tribe of Wargar, the Queen's Tribe has lived in the caverns below Dyfed for years. They are normally too cowardly to attack the surface... though the occasional small child or family pet has been known to go missing.

Overland Tribe[]

Though Wargar usually fear the surface, the Overland Tribe lives mostly in the Wilds of Govad. The years of living in the wilds have made these Wargar more formidable than their subterranean brethren. The tree canopy blocks most of the sunlight, making these uninhabited lands a perfect breeding ground.

Dark Tribe[]

Not unlike rats, the Dark Tribe of the Wargar appears to have settled in Kala Moor shortly after it was laid to ruin. The Dark Tribe is the most powerful of all the Wargar tribes. It is unknown whether to attribute this strength to the proximity to the Heart of Evil or the harsh lands. Nevertheless, these Wargar are a force to be reckoned with. Sightings of them have come and gone over the years, growing more frequent since the demise of the Great Black Dragon.


There is several different types of Wargar. All vary in the type of equipment and tactics they use. All of which pose a threat to Caddoc and E'lara as they venture throughout the world. They are as follows: