Creature Spider


Spider is a type of creature in Hunted: The Demon's Forge.

Lore Edit

The spawn of the Queen of Darkness. Like their smaller brethren, these creatures lurk in their lairs and wait for prey to come to them… and when it does, it never escapes.


Spiders are not actual enemies per se, as you never actually fight them. Instead they surprise their prey by bursting through walls and grabbing them. When they do, they grab Caddoc or E'lara and hold them. They deal damage while the player is prompted to rapidly press a certain key/button to escape. After which the spider retreats back into the wall, and out of sight.

Battle TacticsEdit

Since you do not actually fight them, there is really no tactics to defeating them. But, they always spawn in the same locations. So if you know where one is going to attack from, if you are quick enough you can evade it. Begin running past the wall, once you hear the spider make its attacking noise, dive forward. You can evade the spider's attack and it will retreat back into the wall.


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