Seraphine is one of the characters in Hunted: The Demon's Forge. She is an adventurer-turned-temptress that appears to the main characters Caddoc and E'lara as a spirit guide. She is voiced by Lucy Lawless, of Xena fame. If the player has the Assassin pre-order bonus, they can change their skin to Seriphine's after completing the campaign.

Seraphine appears to Caddoc as a muse in his dream; haunted by the mystery of her identity, he seeks to find an answer for the reoccurring dream, and the ominous feeling that overwhelms him. As Caddoc and E'lara explore the Fountain of Elisha, they come upon the spirit Seraphine. As beautiful as she is mysterious, Seraphine explains to them that she is trapped in spirit form until her physical body is found. She offers the two the Deathstone; a magical crystal skull that grants the bearer insight into the lives of the recently deceased. With the Deathstone in hand Caddoc and E'lara must explore ancient ruins, booby-trapped dungeons, and besieged cities to discover the great mystery surrounding Seraphine and the disappearance of the local population.

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