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Minotaur is a type of creature in Hunted: The Demon's Forge.


A massive race of bull-like creatures. The Minotaur are powerful and merciless. They are also fiercely independent, without no ties or relations with any of the other civilized races. They don’t even trade with others—if they want something, they take it. They are fiercely proud and bow to no one. The last race to offer an insult to them was the elves… and the Minotaur all but extinguished them for it.


Minotaurs are massive foes who rely on pure brute strength to conquer their enemies. They have no ranged weapons and only use melee. They have a charge attack that hits for significant damage and knocks their foes prone. They also have a power over-head swing that does massive damage, causes knockdown, cannot be blocked, and has splash damage radius. They are highly resistant to physical damage, but suffer a weakness to magic.

Battle Tactics[]

  • Minotaurs are melee powerhouses, and highly resistant to physical damage. Melee attacks are not recommended.
  • Magic is the bane of Minotaurs! Use any magic ability or magic based skill at your disposal to get rid of them quickly.
  • Battle Charge your ally for the quickest method of killing a Minotaur.
  • A good method is to Battle Charge E'lara and for her use Arcane Burst. This causes massive amounts of damage to Minotaurs.