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Infected Wargar

Infected Wargar is a type of creature in Hunted: The Demon's Forge, and is an improved version of the regular Wargar.


Transformed by the power of the sleg, these Wargar have the power to send great fireballs at their opponents, and also may buff their allies with fire. Infected Wargar also have the ability to warp from space to space, making them a very elusive target.


This particular Wargar can prove to be quite the adversary. He launches fireballs with extreme accuracy over great distances, which cause considerable damage. He also has the ability to teleport short distances, and can battle charge other Wargar. Giving them an increase in their damage.

  • An Infected Wargar serves as a boss for the first chapter.
  • When Infected Wargar appear on the battlefield Caddoc refers to them as "Wargar Mutants", while E'lara refers to them as "Wargar Freaks". Which refers to nature of how they were created.

Battle Tactics[]

  • If you can put a good distance between you and an Infected Wargar, then you can use ranged attacks while being able to easily avoid his fireballs. This only works well in large areas.
  • If Caddoc has his Dash ability upgraded, then he can use this to great effect. If Caddoc is able to get close enough to use this ability, he can knock the Infected Wargar prone. Which renders him unable to teleport, allowing Caddoc and E'lara to dish out a lot of damage with no retaliation.
  • E'lara's Artic Arrow cannot freeze an Infected Wargar, so it is not recommend to use.
  • It is mentioned that Infected Wargar are resistant to fire. So Brimstone is also not recommended.