Hot Heads is a side objective in Hunted: the Demon's Forge (Chapter Three, Section 6). It is received by reading a path at the beginning of that section.

The Plaque reads:

"Bow before the eldest God, whose spark in you doth burn. Breathe his almighty breath into his lesser kin in turn. Do so in order and a great reward you'll earn".

The process of this objective is really quite simple. Facing the Eldest God statue, have Caddoc activate a nearby pressure plate which causes flames to ignite in the eyes and mouth of the Eldest God. Have E'lara ignite her arrow. Continue further along the path, igniting the logs set within the statues' mouths. The order in which you light the statues is indicated by the statues themselves - each statue points to its successor, just follow the light from the flames. Upon reaching the last one (a smaller head by the "Watery Depths" side objective entrance) you must approach the wall and have Caddoc push it aside. Behind this wall is a corpse capable of being interacted with by using the Deathstone, and some other miscellaneous treasure.