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'E'lara' is one of the two playable characters in Hunted: The Demon's Forge.

An expert marksman and one of the few elves left in the world, E'lara lives to fight. She’s a thrill-seeker—rash and impulsive. She is also incredibly dangerous. Her people were slaughtered by the Minotaur when she was young and E’lara is one of the only ones who survived the massacre. But she’s learned not to dwell on her past, nor to waste much time worrying about her future. She lives entirely for that rush of adrenaline and the thrill of the moment. Or so she believes…


Arcane BurstEdit

Arcane Burst is a spell that enchants E'lara's arrows to cause significant damage to an enemy and bypass armor. It is able to destroy the shield of an enemy.

Arctic ArrowEdit

Arctic Arrow is a spell that has E'lara's arrows enchanted with ice. They will freeze the enemy, as well as slow them down. When this skill is upgraded, it has an Area Effect, meaning it can hit several enemies in one attack.

Pyre BlastEdit

Pyre Blast is a spell that enchants E'lara's arrows with an explosive charge. Her arrows explode when they hit a surface, causing fire damage to enemies and also has a chance of knocking them down. When this skill is upgraded, its range of damage and power is increased.


Elara brimstone


The Brimstone spell has the player throw a fireball, which explodes when it makes contact with an enemy. The player can also choose to manually detonate it. When this skill is upgraded, the fireball can produce several more explosions after detonation, causing damage in a small area.

Dragon's BreathEdit

Dragons breath2

Dragon's Breath


Dragon's Breath spell fires a bolt of electricity, which will shock and burn its targets. At higher levels, the bolt can arc to hit multiple targets.

Sigil of PainEdit

Sigil of Pain is a spell that creates a glowing seal beneath E'lara which deals damage to enemies who step on it. It remains in one place for a short amount of time after its activation.


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