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Dragon's Breath

Dragon's Breath is a spell used by Caddoc and E'lara in Hunted: The Demon's Forge.

Dragon's Breath fires a bolt of electricity, which will shock and burn its targets for a large amount of damage. At higher levels, the bolt can arc to hit multiple targets.

Skill Level Progression[]

Level 1[]

Dragon's Breath

  • Crystal Cost: 2
  • Description: "A bolt of electricity flows out to shock and burn your victim."
  • The spell has 3 different enhancements (all cost 1 additional crystal):

Improved Damage: "The Dragon's Breath is charged with increased power and deals additional damage."

Improved Efficiency: "Your body becomes more in tune with the Dragon's Breath. Each strike requires less effort."

Improved Casting: "You draw current quicker and are able to attack again much sooner."

Level 2[]

Dragon's Breath in action.

Improved Dragon's Breath

  • Crystal Cost: 3
  • Description: "The additional power in this bolt causes it to arc to nearby enemies."
  • The spell has 3 different enhancements (all cost 1 additional crystal):

Advanced Damage: "Your body is almost overloaded with electricity; your attacks deal a great deal of additional damage."

Advanced Efficiency: "Electricity courses through your body like blood and Dragon's Breath becomes nearly effortless."

Advanced Casting: "You are able to draw in current at an incredible rate and recharge your attacks."

Level 3[]

Dragon's Breath Master

  • Crystal Cost: 11
  • Description: "Your Dragon's Breath arcs to more enemies and does even more damage."