Crypt of Eternity Continue by descending the spiral staircase and you will soon discover the Book of the Dead.

Behind the book, you'll find an Obelisk. Near the Obelisk is a vast cavern with what seems to be a bottomless pit with a round disk under what looks like a bell. The idea here is to have both characters stand on the disc then you can shoot the bells to move the disc around with you on it.

Go to the first bell in center then go to the right. There you'll find a passage that leads you 2 Gold stashes and a chest with theKey in it.

Leave this area and travel back to columns where you originally started. Opposite of the disc is a tall door that you can now open by using the key. Inside you'll find a chest containing the Heart.

Hop back on the disc but now go to the area to the left (two bells forward, one bell left). Follow the path here which will lead you to a room with 3 Gold stashes in it. Have Caddoc stand on the pressure plate near the corpse on the ground which will reveal a fire for E'lara to light her arrow with. With a fiery arrow, she can then light the corpse on fire which will create one of two Ash piles you need.

Go back to the disc and now go back to the center, then go as far from your starting point as you can and one bell to the right to find the final are. Approach the talking wall who will let you pass if you have the Heart in your possession.

In the next room, you need to have one character stand on the pressure plate to stop the column of fire so the other character can grab the second pile of Ash. Defeat the creatures that attack you here, then travel back to the book of the dead and interact with it. Doing so will raise the floor so you can then collect 2 Crystals and 2 Enchanted Weapon Racks. Now backtrack all the way back to the Arackling lair and have both characters open the gate to the next section. article here!