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Caddoc is, along with E'lara, one of the two player characters in Hunted: The Demon's Forge.

A hulking warrior that specializes in swordfighting, Caddoc considers his mind to be one of his sharpest weapons. He is cool and cautious, always preferring to have a plan before he charges in... but he never hesitates when action is called for. An impulsive act he took as a youth cost him the life of his lover and he's vowed never to make such a mistake again. Now, he lives the detached life of a mercenary. He does the job, he takes his pay, he moves along. And he never, ever, gets emotionally involved. Not until now...




Caddoc dash


This spell will give Caddoc a burst of speeds, which allows him to approach his enemy quickly. When Caddoc is near his target, he'll bash it with his shield.

Primal RageEdit

Primal Rage enhances Caddoc's damage output, And can make almost the Toughest of Enemys Crumble Under The First Blow.

Wind of WrathEdit

Caddoc windofwrath

Wind of Wrath

The Wind of Wrath levitates its target, so it can be killed off in the air.


The Brimstone spell fires a fireball which explodes when it makes contact with an enemy. The player can also manually detonate it, giving them a tactical advantage.

Dragon's BreathEdit

Dragon's Breath fires a bolt of electricity, which will shock and burn its targets for a large amount of damage. At higher levels, the bolt can arc to hit multiple targets.

Sigil of PainEdit


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