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Annuvin is the main antagonist in Hunted: The Demon's Forge. He used to be a great warrior, until he was succumbed to the power of the sleg. Now, he has to hunt souls to sacrifice to the sleg, so he can grow stronger.

Annuvin's intentions are revealed slowly through the game, mainly through Deathstone visions of the Wargar High Priest, the Assassin and the Dragon.

There be spoilers in the dungeons below! Read at your own risk![]

In the Deathstone vision from the High Priest of the Queen's Tribe of Wargar, Annuvin is seen giving orders to the high priest. The priest tells him that he needs more Sleg, which Annuvin promises him provided that he supplies him with double the slaves he was promised from the villages. The priest hesitates, and then agrees. When the priest asks Annuvin if he can take some of the slaves for the Queen Of Darkness, Annuvin tells him that the Sleg is the only sustenance the priest or his queen require.

In the Deathstone vision from the Assassin, Annuvin tells the Assassin that Caddoc and Elara are interfering with his slaves, and orders her to hunt them down and end them.

The Deathstone vision from the Dragon, Annuvin is seen after the Deathstone is stolen, in which he is enraged and tears out the eyes of the dragons, where they become the Eyes of Annuvin.

At the end of Chapter 4, the player learns that Annuvin supposedly betrayed Seraphine long ago.

Upon confronting Annuvin, he goes under the surface of the pool of Sleg in his forge and emerges as a massive and stronger version of himself. He drains energy from four pillars composed of Sleg which the player must destroy to proced.

After his death, the player uses the Deathstone on him, learning that he and Seraphine were once lovers, and she accompanied him when he went to destroy the Dragon that had been plaguing Llyr. Once he defeats the Dragon, Seriphine recognises he is not the same, asking him what is wrong. Annuvin tells her nothing is wrong and kisses her, but then drives his sword through her stomach. Seraphine then arrives, and informs the player that she brought them here to take Annuvin's place as the host for the sleg so that he and she can be free.

If the player has the Demon pre-order bonus, the player can change their skin to Annuvin's after completing the game.